Core Team

Servet Kalmaz (CEO & Co-Founder)

He has been a crypto investor and trader since 2017. He has its own developed trading strategies and indicators. He is also degree of the Maritime Academy. He served as captain, agency and supplier in the yacht industry YachtingVerse aims to solve some problems in the yacht industry. He follows the development of YachtingVerse all day and night He selected all team members from young and talented developers Team is connected by ties of heart and growing every day.
Emre KARACA (CTO&Co-Founder)
3D Artist, Game Developer, NFT Artist. Emre is a successful and experienced game developer. He has 3D Artist experience in various TV and Magazine organizations. He managed 5 projects as a team leader in the mobile game industry. He has a degree in Digital Art Design and has experience with game development and design teams. He still has his own game studio.
Anna Panfilova (CMO)
Anna has 10 years of experience in marketing and sales in the yacht industry. She developed marketing strategies for yacht yards. She competed in the Monaco Boat Show, one of the biggest boat shows in the world, many times. She will create marketing strategies for YachtingVerse. She is an experienced marketer with a very broad portfolio in the yacht industry.
Enis Velioglu (CBDO)
Graduated Computer Engineering in İstanbul University and also studied at Moscow State University. Years of experience as a Business Development & Investment Strategy. He sticks to principles ,is very subtle and emphatic with a long and cumulated experience from various areas of international business management and consultancy in CEE and CIS region with native knowledge of regional languages.
Saleem (Smart Contract Head Developer)
Saleem is an experienced developer with over 10 years of working experience as a software engineer in large corporations. He has been interested in blockchain and smart contract development since 2019.Saleem holds an MSc in software engineering from Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology.
Ali Akgül (Blockchain Team Lead)
Almost more than half a decade of experience in crypto and cybersecurity has provided Ali with the tools to protect the assets of the project and its community’s investments. He is a passionate and skilled blockchain developer with strong attention to detail. His communication and management skills makes him makes him a perfect team leader to deliver secure and high quality products.
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