Yacht Management: Sımulatıon
Discover 3D yacht simulation games with VR experience. Buy, manage, charter, cruise your own yacht and earn more NFT and $YACHT rewards. We will continue to design games where yachters can both have fun and learn. In YACHT MANAGEMENT: SIMULATION, yachters will play with real feeling. Yachters will have the skills to manage the crew and yacht. Players will compete with the multiplayer option. High score players will be rewarded NFT and YACHT tokens every week.
Year 2071. It all started with Power Imbalances of Nations. Groundwater resources on the mainland are now depleted. Only the minerals in the seas and oceans remained. A fierce struggle for limited underground resources began. Humanity has said a lot from wars over the years. Nations began to disperse one by one. Now there is One Nation, One Flag, United World State. Three communities came forward and started the alternative mining trend. After a long search in the depths of the ocean, scientists discovered a new mineral; POSEIDON.
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