YachtingVerse ∣ The Luxury Life YachtingVerse is an open world marin themed VR platform built on the Bitci Chain. This platform is all stakeholders in the metaverse and brands will come together

What is YachtingVerse in a nutshell?

YachtingVerse is an open world marine theme massive multi-users platform built on the Polygon. This platform will bring together all the stakeholders and brands in the metaverse. YachtingVerse will consist of Marine Mall stores, customizable lands, YachtGAME(MMO) space, NFT gallery, boat show, YachtADS advertising space, nightclub, gym, event spaces, VRinar, meeting spaces, training space and much more. YachtingVerse is the reflection of real life on web 3.0. YachtingVerse will lead the transformation of brands with web 3.0.
YachtingVerse is designed in a way to give users maximum freedom just like in real life. YachtLand owners can enjoy the democratic governance model based on a liquid democracy and real-world inspiration rules over a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) through the YachtNFT.
Our vision is to be the platform with the largest user base in VR, Web and App in the Metaverse ecosystem. We are building a simple world that will be adopted by everyone.
Our mission is first and foremost, to make the platform available to users in a short time, providing a high quality immersive experience by providing an environment where they can interact, create, own, socialize and earn money.