Architects Diagram

  • The speed of issuing Tokens and NFTs will be maximized by applying the data of in-game activities to the blockchain from dedicated public nodes. This will reduce delays caused by slowdown or pending that may hinder game operation; and any transfer, creation, and combination of essential NFTs will be operated on the public node, which will not be closed in any case.
  • Each dedicated node will be operated by a scaled-out high-end server to prevent any deferment due to large-scale user activities within the metaverse , with the target speed of 7,000 TPS or higher. By using a bridge server connecting the processing of transactions within the Wallet, together with the public node, additional consumption of time will be minimized.
  • Transactions and operations within the Wallet will be linked and will operate together with the database logic of each zone.
  • The bridge server will sync important data with the public node and allow users to perform diverse transactions activities within the Wallet. The NFTs generated through this will be linked to the diverse Centralized Exchanges (CEX) or Decentralized Exchanges (DEX).