YachtingVerse is divided into tokenized blocks of land, which users can buy, rent and develop. YachtLand owners can upgrade and customize their land. YachtLand is built on the ERC-721 token. The ERC-721 tokens are a standard for NFT creation. Since it can create unique IDs for each token, it is the best option for a representative token on collectibles. With this token ownership of data can be tokenized and attached to a unique identifier. YachtingVerse is based on a map of fixed amounts of YachtLand, the total number of YachtLand parcels in YachtingVerse is capped at 16,384 and built on the Cartesian coordinate system of 128×128 dimensions. However, the common spaces, gallery, and roads are owned by the developers of YachtingVerse and cannot be bought or sold by users. Purchasable YachtLand parcels is capped to 9216.

Each YachtLand parcel is represented by an NFT. Marketplace will be launched in conjunction with the YACHT token distribution where YACHT token holders will be able to purchase Land via the NFT mechanism. YachtingVerse will work on a Governance model. Land NFT holders will form part of that Governance council. Each NFT will vote via a DAO. Proposals will be made to the DAO where NFT holders will vote with the majority vote winning.

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