Disclaimers and Risk Factors for Investment

In relation to any and all information specified in this whitepaper, you hereby unconditionally and irrevocably accept and agree to the following:


You fully acknowledge that it may not be lawful for individuals of certain countries or certain categories to access this whitepaper and confirm that you are not prohibited or restricted to access this whitepaper by any laws or regulations. You fully understand and agree that unless permitted by applicable laws and regulations, any offerings of the tokens mentioned in this whitepaper (the “Tokens”) shall not be made directly or indirectly, nor shall any related documents be sent, in or into countries where participating in such offering is prohibited. For clarity, any offerings of the Tokens are not intended to be made in the People’s Republic of China or in the United States of America. The writer of this whitepaper, the issuer of the Tokens, their affiliates, officers, directors, employees, advisors

and agents (collectively the “Writer Parties”) shall not be liable or responsible for any person who accessed this whitepaper from any jurisdiction which prohibits or limits access to this whitepaper.

Information Only

This whitepaper published by the YachtingVerse is provided for information purposes only without any kind of warranties including the following. Any conclusion or business plan found in this whitepaper is not guaranteed in its accuracy or completeness and no representations and warranties whether express or implied are made.

  • No warranty of merchantability, no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, no warranty of the title or non-infringement

  • No warranty that this whitepaper contains no error and that it is proper for any kind of purpose

  • No warranty that such contents do not infringe upon the right of any third party

All warranties are hereby expressly disclaimed. The Writer Parties shall not be responsible for any and all kind of loss or damage (including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special or consequential loss, actual or conclusive loss and damages, and collectively hereinafter referred as “damage”) that arise as a result of any use, error, omission, reference, dependence, reliance of any information contained in this whitepaper. This whitepaper may be modified or amended, and the latest version hereof will be distributed through the representative website. No notification will be provided in each and all modification or amendment to the whitepaper.

This whitepaper is provided for information only, and it is essentially a business proposal and shall not be legally binding in any case.

Information such as reports specified within this whitepaper contains estimates for the future as prospective in nature, and as it contains uncertainties as they are yet unknown, there may be crucial disparities between those estimates and the actual results. The information contained in this whitepaper may include statements that are deemed to be “forward-looking statements,” which are not statements of historical facts. These forward-looking statements inherently contain risks and uncertainties as they relate to events or circumstances in the future.

Accordingly, any information, opinions and prospective information including estimates, if contained herein, in relation to the expected roadmaps, development and anticipated conditions and performances of the relevant entities, are subject to update, expansion, revision, independent verification and amendment. The Writer Parties, except otherwise required by any law, expressly make no undertaking to update or amend any forward-looking statements and make no representation or warranty that any events mentioned in those forward-looking statements will actually occur in reality. The Writer Parties intend to achieve all goals specified in this whitepaper but in the event of any unpredicted circumstances, such goals may not be achieved and the Writer Parties do not bear any responsibility or obligation to notify you in such cases.

No Offer

All information contained in this whitepaper is not intended for information for an offer or solicitation of investment in any specific form or is not a proposal or an offer to solicit the purchase of any form of securities in any jurisdiction. It is for information purposes only to promote understanding of the business. This whitepaper does not constitute or form, and is not intended to be, an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, subscribe for, underwrite or purchase any form of investment or securities or other financial instruments, nor shall it or any part of it form the basis of, or be relied upon, in any way in connection with, any contract or investment decision relating to the same.

No Advice

No content contained in this whitepaper constitutes any legal, financial, tax or other advice. You must conduct your own due diligence and shall comply with all local laws relating to virtual assets, taxes, securities and other regulations of the respective jurisdiction. You hereby fully acknowledge and agree that you are encouraged to independently consult with professional consultants.

No Agreement

This whitepaper shall not form any basis of investment decision or decision to enter into any contract, and shall not be relied on in any case. All agreements between the issuer and you in any case of sale, exchange or acquisition of Tokens shall be governed by a separate document (the “Sale Document”). In case of any inconsistency between this whitepaper and the Sale Document, the Sale Document shall prevail.

No Advertisement

This whitepaper is for general information purposes only, and it does not consist of any promotional material and shall not be used to propose or solicit subscription or investment on behalf of the Token issuer. The distribution of this whitepaper may be restricted or prohibited by the applicable laws or government authority of a jurisdiction. Any recipient of this whitepaper shall acknowledge and comply with all such restrictions or prohibitions, and the Writer Parties shall never be liable for any party in relation to the foregoing.

Regulatory Risks

This whitepaper is not prepared pursuant to any judicial jurisdiction, regulation or act of any specific country, and no regulatory authority or government entity has examined or approved this whitepaper. No act, regulation or regime with respect to virtual assets, blockchain games and relevant applications have been introduced or implemented in numerous jurisdictions around the world. If any regulatory authority or government entity introduces any laws or regulations to regulate such virtual assets, blockchain games and relevant applications, or makes changes to existing laws, regulations and/or rules, it may have a material adverse effect to any individuals or entities in relation to this whitepaper or the Tokens, and it may disable the implementation or operation of plans as referred to in this whitepaper, and/or impair the ability of any relevant entity referred to in this whitepaper to function or operate as intended, or at all.

Market Volatility

Any relevant blockchain system or tokens may become no longer commercially viable or operable where there may be changes in political, societal, economic, or stock or virtual asset market conditions, or where the market value of, or the demand for, virtual assets or the relevant blockchain systems may go down or become trivial.

Other Disclaimers

Even with their best efforts, the Writer Parties may not be able to implement or maintain the objectives, business strategies and plans as specified in this whitepaper. The roadmap specified in this whitepaper has been prepared on the basis of the current technical infrastructure and know-hows, but there may be potential business or technical barriers in the future which might impair or disable their actual operation. This whitepaper is a document containing certain information about the Writer Parties and the content hereof is subject to change in accordance with changes in the relevant laws and regulations, business circumstances and industry prospects, or the judgment of the management body, etc. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, no Writer Parties shall be liable for any liability, claim, demand, loss or damage (including, but not limited to, negligence claims) arising out of or in any way related to your acceptance or reliance on the information contained in this whitepaper regardless of whether you have been advised of the possibility of such damages. If any references have been made to any third-party website or information source, we may not have sought further verification on the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information specified therein, and no warranties of any kind are made with respect to the same.

With respect to your purchase, exchange or acquisition of any Tokens, if any, you are hereby deemed to fully understand and agree as follows:

  • Virtual assets, including the Tokens, have no limit to their upper/lower limit price, and have demonstrated extreme volatility in their values in accordance with various factors such as speculative demands or changes in domestic or international regulatory conditions, having unique characteristics related to the market conditions of a 24/7/365 worldwide transaction service.

  • It is at your own risk and responsibility with respect to any investment decisions in virtual assets, and any and all possible losses and damages will be borne solely by you.

  • No warranties whatsoever with respect to the Tokens or their values are made or secured by any government, the Writer Parties or any third party.

  • The Tokens are not to constitute capital market products such as securities or derivatives of any form, and they are not issued or registered under any Security Act or other similar laws of any specific country or jurisdiction in which any potential holder of the Tokens is located.

  • You shall not, are not eligible to, sell or use the Token in and from any jurisdiction in which any sale or use of certain digital currencies, digital assets, virtual assets or cryptocurrencies is prohibited, and any person in violation of such shall be solely responsible for such violation, and the YachtingVerse and its relevant parties shall not be responsible for any such cases.


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NFT: Non-Fungible Token DApp: Decentralized Application

Wallet: An electronic wallet enabled to store and manage cryptographic assets, by which technology they are stored on a blockchain

Governance: Sovereignty to present opinions through votes within the platform

Smart Contract: A system intended to facilitate the performance of a contract automatically when the conditions of the contract are completely fulfilled where the terms and conditions of such contract are programmed and stored in an electronic contract document in advance.

Marketplace: NFT Exchange

CEX: Centralized Exchange

DEX: Decentralized Exchange

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