Boat Show

Internationally recognized Boat Show organizations still continue from the past to the present. Although these shows are a kind of visual feast where expensive toys are sold and rented, many brands are expanding their portfolio with this organization. However, this is a very expensive method nowadays. YachtingVerse will offer many advantages to brands at this point, but it is not limited to these. YachtingVerse is the reflection of real life on web 3.0 and metaverse.

  1. YachtingVerse is the fastest and most affordable way for brands and brokers to reach their customer base.

  2. The potential customer base will increase day by day. Marine Mall and many modules will make YachtingVerse an attraction.

  3. Brands and brokers will be able to present their yachts, which they want to sell or lease, to their customers with realistic feelings with VR experience.

  4. They will be able to have an easy and reliable appraisal with our wide technical team and partners.

  5. Often only the owners will meet for the final deal and this will save the owners time and money.

  6. Unlike traditional listing methods and 3D visuals, users will be able to interact realistically with yachts (like sleeping in a cabin, sipping a drink on the deck).

  7. YachtingVerse will offer every opportunity to facilitate the work of yacht brands and all yacht industry stakeholders.

  8. You will be in touch with the 24/7 corporate customer representative and the developer teams all the time.

  9. Software development kit and video tutorials on listing yachts will always be available.

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