YachtingVerse ∣ The Luxury Life
Yachtingverse is the world's first marine themed metaverse/ VR platform and SuperAPP designed specifically for the yachting industry. It is not only business to business but also business to individual and individual to individual.

What is YachtingVerse in a nutshell?

Built on the BNB Chain this metaverse is also designed for use with VR headsets/ glasses - for example, if you are a businessman in Dubai who needs to attend a meeting in Spain with little time, they can utilities the Metaverse to attend in person. This applies to a potential buyer or renter of a yacht who can then view the actual yacht they are interested in the metaverse. It also extends beyond the yachts themselves into the tourism, real estate, marinas/ harbors, dockyards, luxury marine products and services, and summer clothing, accessories, and swimwear. It intends to bring several industries together.YachtingVerse will consist of Marine Mall stores, customizable lands, YachtGAME (MMO) space, NFT gallery, boat show, YachtADS advertising space, nightclub, gym, event spaces, VRinar, meeting spaces, training space and much more. YachtingVerse is the reflection of real life on web 3.0. YachtingVerse will lead the transformation of brands with web 3.0.
YachtingVerse is designed in a way to give users maximum freedom just like in real life. YachtLand owners can enjoy the democratic governance model based on a liquid democracy and real-world inspiration rules over a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) through the YachtNFT.
Our vision iis to build a metaverse where users, consumers, brands, and all yacht industry stakeholders can easily come together. We will ensure all these in a transparent, fair, and democratic order. We will build a platform where all the problems of the luxury industry, from marketing to training, will be addressed.
Our mission isis to technologically convert the brands with web 3.0. To bring this multi-billion industry together globally in the long term it includes the smallest canoe or jet ski to the largest super yacht.
We wish to clarify that the metaverse also includes a lot of fun activities as well as the business aspects such as games (it already has a couple of fully functioning games), entertainment areas such as discos and bars, event organization, and competitions can be held there where people can win real world physical prizes as well as vice versa.