DYachtApp is a decentralized yacht management application. Dapps(decentralized app) is the name given to decentralized applications. They offer similar functionality to regular apps, but the main difference is that they run on a peer-to-peer network like a blockchain. This means that no one or organization has control over the network. It meets all your management needs with a secure and simple application. Centralized applications keep all your data on a server. This data is often unprotected. Companies that hold your data may share it with 3rd parties. dYachtApp’s biggest goal is to eliminate it. You appreciate that our personal information is very important to us. When it comes to the yacht industry, the value of data increases.

Decentralized Bridge Management

Some of the most important problems on the Bridge are document management, crew tracking, guest&owner organizations. With Bridge Management;
Creating the profile of the boat with NFT,
Keeping track of boat documents and expiry dates,
Follow-up of crew documents and expiration dates,
Creation of boat specific ISM or Mini ISM,
And much more.

Decentralized Crew Management

Live interview with the crew on YachtingVerse with VR,
Free meeting point for crew and owner on YachtingVerse,
Quickly create public & private job offers,
Easily manage crew contracts on the BNB Beacon Smart Chain,
Create your full profile in minutes,
Get a FREE professional CV.

Decentralized Finance Management

Budget planning,
No data entries, just take a photo of the invoice,
Expense control with reporting,
Suitable for multiple currencies,
Irreversible records on the BNB Beacon Smart Chain.

Decentralized Charter Management

VR experience on the YachtingVerse before charter, List charter boats, List sale boats,
Create a charter schedule,
Fuel and mileage management,
APA management,
Profit and loss charts,
Plan and control your owner’s and charters usage time.Live tracking for fleet with AIS.

Decentralized Engine Room Management

Just enter the machine type and serial number,
Finds a quote for you at the time of maintenance,
Manage ISM based checklist,
Finds suitable suppliers for maintenance,
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