Existing Problems

The blockchain-based metaverse is still in its early stages, with existing issues for users. Most Metaverse projects are either poorly designed or offer no real value. There is no space for users to really spend time inside. It’s just like a “walking simulation”. Users are not fully equipped with the necessary knowledge about tokens and NFTs. The intended uses of NFTs are still not adopted. Some still considered this as a risky investment. The entry fee and gas fee are burdens to newcomers. There are many clone and inspired game projects on the ecosystem. They are projects that do not benefit blockchain technology, but rather harm them. Despite the fact that more than a year has passed since its introduction in the ecosystem, there are still unpublished projects that have victimized their users and have not gone beyond trading NFT and tokens. Projects are left unfinished or a worse project is published due to reasons such as the project designs are not suitable for VR technology and the Web version system, stock materials are frequently used in project promotion, and the wrong developer engine is used.